What You Should Know About LiFi Internet And Its Merits

By Kimberly Harris

A lot of developments have been witnessed in the wireless technology industry over the past few years. Use of wireless connections such as Wi-Fi has made it possible for people to make business deals while seated at coffee shops. People are able to run businesses while still at home. Wi-Fi has its limitations and this has led to more developments in the industry. The most recent is LiFi internet and has the following features and benefits that make it better for you.

The main feature of this product is high data transfer speeds. With LiFi connection, speeds can reach up to 1Gbps. These are very high speeds which theoretically mean that a high definition film can be downloaded in less than a minute. When it comes to the internet, speed determines everything. Users look for connections that allow them to transfer data at the highest speeds available. The speeds offered by LiFi technology are unrivaled which makes it better than Wi-Fi.

LiFi is cost-effective in different ways. This is different from setting up a Wi-Fi network where one requires to buy cables and additional hardware. Office buildings can stay connected without the use of cables. The technology uses LED bulbs which means that the ones being used for lighting in an office or house are the same ones to be utilized.

When it comes to wireless connections, security has been a major issue. It is very important to have a secure wireless network. LiFi technology offers the most secure connections. This is because it is only accessed by people within the room. It uses light and light does not go through walls since they are opaque. It is safe from unauthorized access by people outside the room. This makes better than Wi-Fi.

LiFi technology is very efficient in a number of ways especially when it comes to power consumption. This is because it uses LED bulbs. Every house or office already have these bulbs installed for lighting purposes. These bulbs are the same ones that will be used to transfer data. If lights must be off, then the bulbs are turned for the human eye but can still transmit data. Also, power consumption is minimal because there is no additional hardware required unlike when installing Wi-Fi where routers must be installed also.

This technology is more available than any other wireless technology. This is because it can be used anywhere as long as there is LED light bulbs. These bulbs are available in our houses, offices, planes, ships and even in underground train tunnels. This makes it possible to transfer data and establish communications even when one is in very remote areas.

LiFi technology can be used in places where the use of the most common wireless connections is hazardous. Some frequencies cannot be used in petroleum and chemical plants. This technology is successfully applicable everywhere as long as there is light. This ensures that such plants get access to data and at high speeds to run their activities smoothly.

There are more advantages to LiFi technology and a few disadvantages too but it is more efficient and offers better services. New developments are also being made every day to add more features that make it the better and easier choice for internet users.

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