Getting A Job Order Contract Done Right

By Henry Hall

The world used to be empty. There is no denying that. There was plenty of life around, life did in fact abound, but all of it was under the sea. Until one fish line creature evolved with legs and then it shuffled on to some ancient beach out of the primordial waters. A beach that may not even exist anymore thanks to primordial drift. But there it was. In what could accurately be described as a brand new world, at least relatively speaking. There it was, feeling everything for the first time in the history of the planet. Before that, nothing had ever felt the heat of the sun without the filter of water. Nothing had ever experienced the breeze. That singular act set in motion a chain of events. It was unlikely that the primitive brain house inside that creature could fully understand just how important it was to the destiny of the planet. But had it not had the courage to leave its literal comfort zone, terrestrial life would have evolved very differently, if at all. It is a possibility that humans would have never evolved. Which means no cities, no houses, no shopping malls. But humans did evolve, so they can create all that and other things with a job order contract.

A JOC is a type of contract. Specifically, it is one that regards contractors and the service which they provide. It is a way in which major construction projects can get done rather quickly.

They are needed for one thing. Efficiency. One of the main things they do is that they streamline the process, making everything go much more smoothly.

Now, a contractor, generally speaking, is a person or a company that is hired to do a job because they have the skill to do so. When people think of one, they often think of someone who is engaged in construction. That is the most popular image that springs to mind when the word is uttered.

Contractors are needed for one reason. Society has a division of labor. One person heals, another stops crime, another commits crime, and so on and so forth. As such, not everyone will have the skills needed to get a construction project done.

There are many templates for a JOC available, and finding them should not be all that hard. This is because the internet is a thing that exists. So all a person has to do to find something is to type in a bunch of words into a search bar, hit the button on the keyboard that is marked ENTER, and then wait for the internet to do its thing and come back with a whole lot of different results.

A JOC has a lot to cover. One of the many things it does is the long term relationship between an owner and a contractor. Some of them will have a provision that the contractor be on call just in case any new construction needs pop up.

The main benefit to this is the working relationship. Also the efficiency. With a JOC, things just tend to get done a lot quicker. Some projects can even be completed nine months ahead of schedule.

Living in the modern world means being comfortable. But that comfort does not come about by magic. No, it has to be built and maintained.

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