Talking About CSL Radio Frequency Identification

By Jeffrey Rogers

You are a spy and an undercover agent working for the government. Your next mission is to infiltrate the enemy and find out what their motives are, as well as find out if they have some plans to attack you and your country. You need to act as their ally for the sake of it so you will need a lot of gadgets for it. This is where you bring CSL RFID.

If pretending to be one of them proves to be a more dangerous risk, then you would hack your way into theirs systems. Putting bugs around their area will be sufficient. You can just use a radio to listen in on their meetings and plans, hoping the bugs you planted do not get discovered.

And guess what? Not only do you not remember those events from the previous night, like, at all. You also wake up on sand with the sun trying to sear into your eyelids to get into your retinas. Next to people you swore you only see occasionally at work. And they all seem like they are dead already.

You made yourself a neat little cot in that place. Setting up your equipment for hacking and listening it, you made yourself comfortable below the window. You hope the light from the computer screen will not be seen from the outside or else you can just say goodbye to your cover and then hope you would not die by the end of it.

Where you are right now is some sort of deserted island with an ominous jungle. You have no way of getting back to your city, much less home to soothe the hangover you currently have. Way to go. Because of a night of excessive drinking, you now have the possibility of death being near.

But you hold on. And along the way, you find an old friend you have not seen in years. You discovered that he survived as much this far even after getting the short end of the stick. You see, he does not live in the same country you do. Just as he had decided to visit, it was the same day the outbreak happened.

You dealt with mafias before. They are not exactly easy to deal with but it has become a common occurrence for you to always be assigned to them. This does not surprise you that your superiors sent you on this one.

You were just glad that it does not involve another seduction case. You are getting sick of handling perverted old geezers who think they can sleep with you all for cash. Those missions might be the easiest but if you had to look at one more pervert and pretend to like them again, you were going to hurl your heels at your superiors.

This was the last time you were drinking beer mixed with whiskey. Bad decisions lead from one to another. If you survive this, you were going to swear off from drinking.

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