Long Island SEO: The 4 Categories Of Content That Perform Well

By Arthur Williams

Perhaps the strongest pillar of any Long Island SEO campaign is content. This comes in a number of forms and they perform to certain degrees as well. Nonetheless, each category can lead to long-term success, provided the content itself is created with care. For those that are unfamiliar with the types of content that should be included in search engine optimization efforts, here are just 4 that you should be mindful of.

Press Releases - Whether you're looking to distribute news or some useful tips, press releases can be as versatile as you'd like. Furthermore, they can be as long-term or succinct as deemed necessary, which makes them all the more flexible from a content creation standpoint. Needless to say, a skilled writer will be needed to curate this type of content. Fortunately, this is one of the many areas where agencies like fishbat specialize.

Podcasts - Have you ever turned on a podcast during your daily commute or when there's downtime at your office? If so, you should know that these shows can be used to help businesses as well. The fact that they can provide entertainment and news via audio is notable enough, but the fact that they span different industries can't be ignored. Podcasts have proven fruitful in everything from sports and technology to food and travel, which is a testament to their influence.

Websites - Of course, no SEO campaign would be complete without a focus on the websites being promoted. This type of content serves a bevy of purposes and many of the changes that can be made on it will impact rankings. If your site isn't responsive, it won't rank as well as you may expect. If there are broken links, progress won't be made until they're fixed. These are just a few areas that an experienced web designer can focus on.

Videos - While we are on the subject of heavily consumed content, videos can prove useful for SEO purposes as well. This is especially true when you look at sites like YouTube, which allow videos to be optimized via their description boxes. These can include keywords and relevant links alike, but be mindful of how many you include. As long as you descriptions flow and your content is engaging, your videos will make a noticeable SEO impact.

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