Li Fi Router Is The Future

By Joseph Murphy

Ever heard of transmitting signals through the light? If not, this is what is referred to is Li fi router. It works on the principle that as long as you have the light on you can transmit data. You are literally able to do this everywhere where you can see a light bulb present. Not just office spaces, but malls and even up above in planes. This is an amazing way of doing things and seemingly unlimited because people always have light.

Really convenient for anyone who runs an office. You want your employees to freely access data all day. Consider all the lighting you have in your offices, each one in their own office spaces. All your employees can have access to all day every day. Data charges can also decrease if decide to take this route. You pay a lot of money for that light bill, you should use it to the max.

Then there are the benefits from home. You have children that are working on assignments and need internet access almost every other day. You also need this if one of the parents work from home. Those lights that you switch on and work even harder to keep on. You can use them to take care of your family s data needs. You can all benefit as a family.

On a daily basis, people are hacked through the internet. They could be in New York and someone from Germany can hack them. Due to unsafe surfing of the internet and not having the correct antivirus software. The thing about this new way of transmitting data is that you cannot penetrate unless you are in the same room. Light cannot travel through buildings and structures.

No one wants to have the lights on all the time, it is at the end of the day costly. As much as this kind of data transmission depends on the lights being on, it doesn t have to be this way. There are some bulbs that can be used that don t bother the eyes and aren t that visible. Basically, you can have a great signal to surf the net and no light bugging you.

Your connection and its dependence on light can get easily interrupted by the light outside. You could find that you no longer move fast and instead you struggle to execute simple instructions. This could be because of the sun shining into the building. This kind of connection, although convenient can be quite sensitive. You must block the interfering light using curtains or blinds.

Even with all the struggles that come with getting hacked, some don t fully appreciate the light connection. You need to keep lights on or follow light wherever it may be to be connected. However, others feel that this traps and limits their movements. They can t travel with the connection and you must stay put for it not to get interrupted. Safe but restrictive which makes people feel uneasy.

Like everything else, this connection has a few hiccups. You can just work around those flaws to still reap the benefits that come with it. You must just use it in a place you go to daily, that operates on lighting. This way you always have a signal and you use it in that building specifically an office.

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