About Pressurized Liquid Extraction System

By Harold Myers

We would like to reiterate that we are not experts on whatever it is we will be talking about.Since we will be tackling chemicals and the like, this topic will prove things about our intelligence when it came to serious stuff. Same goes for anything in the medical field. Try not to get mad at us if we divert your attention to something else as we go down the line of these paragraphs. That being said, here is Pressurized Liquid Extraction System.

We will be talking about Fairytail characters then. Like Erza Scarlet. We all know she is BAE, since not only is she a super beautiful and sexy mage, she is also a badass. Known to be someone who wields a great power, this Titania can beat through any wise guy who does not get the words Stay Away From My Nakama.

Not really accurate but this type of topic diversion is definitely safer than assuming what we were supposed to know with pressure and liquid, even with all the research we could do with it. As generalized as this is, it would take a lot patience and focus to keep us on track. Give us a break. It washard enough to study things we were not inclined to be interested in, now we need to half ass our way through it?

That does not even count the pressure we were on when we have to make sure this stretches out more than five hundred words in nine paragraphs. Then we have to rewrite it two freaking times and make sure they do not end up being similar. Do you know how much time we always waste just by thinking of other synonyms?

Mirajane Straus is another female badass that could rival Erza. Her power is this ability to absorb and transform into demonic and devil like monsters. Her face might make you think otherwise, since she looks as sweet and kind as they come, but let her fight and you will be left shaking in your shoes.

Gildarts Clive is probably the strongest mage in all of the show. We cannot really explain what his power is, but his strength is reminiscent in the way we feel when see All Might in the other anime My Hero Academia. Whenever he appears, no matter how strong and scary the opponent is, you can always count on him to save the day.

Throwing aside the fact that this type of happening is just down right impossible, what is wrong with a little imagination? What if we say that magic CAN exist if we all were just open minded about it? Is that also a stretch? Most definitely. Are you still comprehending what we are spouting about? Probably not.

Is it karma? Because he had done so much sin as a pirate when he got the body of an adult? Is it because this is supposed to be his repentance? To keep on losing beloved people? Or because he is the son of the most hated man back in his old life?

It just is the same with consuming dangerous acid. Doing the same to mysterious and colorful liquids might give you the same outcome. So, our advice is to not do it.

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