Understanding Informational Visualization And Abstract Data

By Diane Williams

When it comes to abstract data, it can often be difficult to interpret. A good example of informational visualization is that it is data in a visual form. In some cases, abstract data can be used in relation to human cognition and understanding. As this type of data includes non-numerical and numerical data, it also includes demographics such as geographical location. While sharing a close proximity to data design, it should be noted that this application is often compared more towards data analysis.

Although a rather new application, Information Visualization was born out of a number of different areas. Some of these include, psychology, graphics, visual design, computer science and computer human interaction. As such, most all of these areas have contributed to the ongoing success of Internet technology.

Data analysis and this type visualization were developed in a way which allows users to view a great deal of information at one time. Similar to graphs and flow charts, the application allows an individuals to convey information to others, often on one sheet of paper. Once known as data analysis, the application is indispensable when it comes trouble-shooting and solving problems.

The basic aspect of data analysis includes machine learning, data mining, plotting, tree maps, scatter plots, all of which are a part of visualization. While this is the case, this new aspect of data analysis also allows for the discovery of unstructured insights which are only limited by human creativity, imagination and understanding. As such, while there have been a number of upgrades to the application, human knowledge and understanding are still integral to the overall success of the application.

While most companies still require a college education, there are others whom will exchange education for experience. In most cases, those doing so often offer new employees the opportunity for a number of opportunities and workshops which can provide a great deal of understanding in regards to this ever growing field. In others, companies will offer to provide all or part of the tuition for those interesting in starting or completing work towards an Associates or Bachelors degree.

The history of the process dates back several decades. For, in the most basic form, it referred to computer graphics. Whereas, the process is now associated with many other areas, including the scientific community. If not for sound enhancement and graphic chips, this may have never been the case. For creating graphics before the development and distribution of video and sound cards was far more difficult than in the present moment.

More recently, data analysis and computer graphics became an active and ongoing necessity in a number of industries. As a result, there are now a number of annual and semi-annual conferences and conventions which have forums, merchandising opportunities, panels and workshops dedicated to the area of data analysis and visualization.

Once having been accepted into the scientific field, the application made its way into others such as data mining, digital libraries, information graphics, market studies, product control, crime mapping and policy modeling. As a result, the application and associated processes have already made a huge impression when it comes to Internet Technology.

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