What Voltage Divider Is All About

By Margaret Hill

Holding on to the fact that we are writing this with no food in our bellies, please excuse us if we change topics because we could barely give a crap about what to do with your divider or whatever. Ugh, general topics our foot. No one even cares what this is really about as long as we keep spitting out the quota and the guidelines. Go look it up or something. In the meantime we will be here and try to burn through this Voltage Divider.

So here we are. The library they found was big enough for a bunch of teenagers to goof round with. Not to go into detail about it having a second floor and 3 more extended rooms or anything but it was perfect.So N6 made it their home.That was 2 years ago. Now, various entrances were found on different places in the city to get to the underground hideout they made.

The boss fights are what the fans really liked in this game. Mostly because the music whenever a fight happens are amazing. Every song is amazing, actually. The first one was the boss fight with Toriel. The title of the song is Heartache and you need to dodge her fire attacks while sparing her.

Purple Castiliogne was someone we have a hard time remembering. We are not sure what she had been good at but she supposedly was the bestfriend of Yellow. She probably was some cocky chick in the basketball department, thinking she was a hotshot. In truth, the fact that she was a fifteen year old girl just made her even more annoying.

Then there was a girl named Black something. We honestly cannot remember but the last name was supposedly someone who invented the roads or whatever. This one was a martial artist ang probably the cockiest, seeing as she has bite that goes along with her bark. Somehow, she gets this thing about hurting anyone she likes just because she can.

Green Whitney? Yeah, we remember that right. Oh boy, oh boy. This girl liked to show off how pretty she apparently is. Anyone who says otherwise somehow gets a punishment and no one is allowed to have a different opinion. What a load of bull. How can someone with that name and with green hair be so obnoxious?

This is the Apocalypse. It certainly was not what everyone would have expected for the world to end.That was 2 years ago. N6 had people, survivors in this facility. It is unknown how many they accumulated over the 2 years that they stayed in the library. They live in it now, with the athenaeum above ground acting as some command center for all of them.

The athenaeum itself was impenetrable. Kira, Raki and Kazuki made sure of it. The inside might look like a bizarre playhouse for children but on the outside, not only did it look decrepit, it was surrounded with thick vines, the windows were barred with metal and the entrance was blocked.

The Omega Flowey fight is what we call a fourth wall battle. Flowey absorbs all six souls and becomes this terrifying monster that does not only die, but can keep killing you again and again. A very unnerving fight.

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