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By Jennifer Brown

If you are the gadget type and just cannot seem to get enough of them, then this is the article for you. Or not. Maybe you are not exactly interested in what we have to say, in which we would not blame you. There is a likely chance that we will once again divert from the main topic and go off on our won. Well, enough of that passive aggressive crap, here is Mobile Phone Shop North York Toronto.

She had been feeling miserable all through the month but this just takes the cake. She tried not to pull her hair out of frustration and genuine stress. This was NOT happening. She will not believe it. What do you mean she has been kidnapped? She screamed frantically into her phone.

I still have to call her but I doubt she would not know about it since this mess is all over the news. I bet Hanz knows about it by now, wherever the hell she is. Lace rubbed a hand down her face, stressed beyond belief.

The stalking really did not escalate to something really dangerous or disturbing but that feeling... The feeling of being stared at and being judged? She absolutely hated it.Lace snorts to herself, storming out the bathroom and away from her reflection. She used to love the attention. But now she just wished everyone would leave her alone. But now Reinan is gone.

You okay? She asked, only to be cut off. Of freaking course I am not. Lace snapped, standing up from her office chair and storming off to the bathroom with her phone. Our friend got taken by terrorists. How am I supposed to be okay with this?

Do not even say it. I refuse to acknowledge it. She grumbled. Lace imagined Xerxes pacing around her room in an angry frantic way while running a hand through her short blue hair, worried out of her mind. Probably opening and closing some of her drawers out of stress too since this had become a habit of hers.

It is not difficult since she can kind of hear the bluenettes rapid footsteps from the phone.She swallowed down the fear clogging her throat, her lips trembling at the thought of Reinan. She CANNOT be dead, right? Her best friend. The one that never fails to make her laugh and is almost a sister to her.

Xerxes said the terrorists took her so that means she is still alive, right? But... For how long? Did you tell Hanz? Her dad is a cop, right? Can we ask him? He is not busy so he must have a clue. Cops are supposed to help and Rei is like a daughter to her too, right?

Lace nodded even though she knew Xerxes could not see and ended the call. She then shoved her phone in her pocket while gritting her teeth. She scowled at her reflection. Eye bags and a very pale face greeted her. What was once a divine beauty was now a washed up version of it. She hated it but she had no choice.

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