Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Defense

By Jason Cole

When it comes to VR and first shooter games, there is often an augmented reality defense component. Currently, one of the most intense games is that of Front Defense. For, the game is based on World War II and puts the player front and center in firefights and a massive battle during the finale at the end of the game.

An arcade style game, First Defense is based on the last firefight at the end of World War II. In the game, the Normandy invasion is long over, though the firefights of war have just began. It is at this point that Front Defense puts the player in place as an Allied Forces hero sent to battle in the last attacks by an Axis in a fictional European town.

VR allows for some of the most realistic scenes, style and scope than other games in the same category. While this is the case, the weaponry is massive including man-mounted guns, grenades, assault rifles and others. For, when it came to battles during World War II, these and other weapons were essential in overtaking the enemy.

Created by some of the best developers and designers, the game provides the heaviest weaponry possible, reflecting the reality of World War II. As with war, the game uses precision, VR, battlefield and room scaling to provide realistic scenes which have been known to leave players feeling like active members of a unit during the war. For, the main priority behind Front Defense was to leave players feeling as if one were actually at war.

Front Defense is rated as one of the most realistic, active and intense war games currently available. For, the intensity and player experience as the WWII shooter is the first virtual reality game to use scaling in a way to recreate actual scenes from history. In addition, the precision tracking used during point and shoot experiences allows the player to create strategic positions.

Other features include being able to use a wide variety and style of weaponry from heavy firearms and grenades to lighter ones. A player can also use dive bombers, tanks and armored cars in an effort to defeat opposing forces. With one of the most dramatic plays being to take on a mysterious Axis super powered weapon during the final minutes of the game, the finale is often considered more than climatic among gamers worldwide.

While these games have often been controversial, especially by the conservative far religious right, there is no proof that playing such games results in violent behavior of players later in life. In fact, if anything, the games can be a good method of stress relief to help avoid individuals becoming stressed to the point of road rage, or other such incidents. At the same time, it is important to note that the game does include graphically violent scenes of war and to monitor and supervise players under the age of 16.

The specifications of the game are that it is a one player first shooter game with leader boards. It is important before beginning play to note that the game is Windows based and compatible with Windows 7 and later. As the game is a dedicated Windows game, it will not work with other operating systems. In fact, attempting to play the game on anything other than Windows 7 or later operating system could cause irreversible damage to the game and operating system.

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