The Pillars Of A Long Island SEO Audit

By Arthur Williams

Are you looking to rank on Google, Bing and a host of other search engines? Perhaps your search engine optimization needs some work, which is where a specialist can come into play. They're likely to carry out what's known as a Long Island SEO audit, a process that determines how SEO-friendly a website is in numerous regards. For a deeper understanding of the process at hand, the following information may come in handy.

One of the many factors that go into an SEO audit is determining how mobile-friendly a website is. Just because your site runs smoothly on a desktop or laptop computer doesn't necessarily mean that it's able to rank well. If the experience on a smartphone or tablet isn't user-friendly - and the likes of will tell you this as well - ranking becomes less of a possibility. This is just one of the potential weaknesses said audit will evaluate.

Another pillar of a solid SEO audit is the litany of backlinks that direct to the company's website. Anyone that's well-versed in SEO will tell you that links influence rankings, perhaps more than anything else. What the audit in question will assess, though, is the quality of said links and the number of platforms they're located on. The more reputable links a business has, across various sites, the better they will rank.

Additionally, an SEO audit will assess any performance issues that a site is suffering from. Visit your company's website; do you notice anything off about it? Does it feel like it's taking longer to move from page to the next than it should? Do the on-site images fail to complement its overall layout? Such performance issues negatively impact rankings, as you could imagine, but a thorough audit can make a positive difference.

The final pillar of an SEO audit is a call to action. Now that you know what your business' website is doing right and wrong, an approach must be taken to ensure that the latter is corrected. While it's important to address the issues at hand, it's even more vital to remedy them. This is where a CTA comes into effect, so make note of the issues that are presented and develop a strategy that will, in theory, lead to better SEO.

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