An Online Marketing Company's View On Dunkin's New Branding

By Paula Hess

Up until recently, we knew the popular donut and coffee shop and Dunkin' Donuts. Established in 1950, it has not only become the main stop for anyone looking for a morning caffeine fix before a day of work, but a worldwide entity as well. This made it surprising when, back in September, they announced a big branding move. This is a move that had online marketing companies talking, and when you look at the details, it's not hard to see why.

Back in September, Dunkin' Donuts announced that it would be shortening its name to simply "Dunkin'." Given the fact that the former name had been established for decades, one might look at this as a needless shift. However, according to companies like fishbat, it might actually have a greater impact than most would think. A name change is surface level, many would argue, but the company had been changing for quite some time.

For those that feel like Dunkin's name change was unneeded, keep in mind that it isn't solely a donut-focused company anymore. In fact, Dunkin' had become just as popular for its bevy of drinks as well. Everything from their coffees to their lattes to their hot chocolates are enjoyed by people around the world. Why should the name of the company be so closely associated with donuts when they offer much more?

Not only is Dunkin's name change reflective of its offerings, but the current landscape in the business world. To be more specific, it's important to note that the biggest brands in the world don't have overly long names. They are catchy, which makes them recognizable to people, regardless of their interests. A few examples of this would be Amazon, Apple and Target. These are names that people know, partially because of how easy they are to remember, so it would make sense for Dunkin' to follow suit.

For those that have been skeptical about the Dunkin' name change, understand that it was done for a number of reasons. It wasn't simply carried out because the company wanted to change its name on a whim. One of the biggest challenges in business, especially for companies that have been around for long periods of time, is staying relevant. It can be argued, then, that Dunkin's shorter name was established to help make the brand more contemporary.

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