Long Island SEO: How To Get The Most From Voice Search

By Arthur Williams

The Internet is, for many, the main source of information in the world. If we want to find out anything, be it in regard to education, news, or what have you, all we need to do is search for it on Google, Bing, or some other related platform. Businesses strive to rank on said platforms, which is where Long Island SEO comes into play. Voice search matters, in this regard, and here's how you can get the most from it if you've been struggling to do so.

First, understand that voice search encompasses certain phrases compared to traditional search. Let's look at Siri, which is Apple's virtual assistant, as an example. When you activate Siri, with the intent of learning something, you'd phrase it in the form of a question. If you wanted to find a nearby restaurant, you might say, "What are some good places to eat around here?" According to names like fishbat.com, such phrases apply to voice search as well.

Another way to get the most out of voice search is by keeping word counts relatively short. The most common questions and answers associated with the aforementioned capability tend to be under 20 words in length. This makes sense, especially as search engines continually prioritize brevity. The companies that do this are likely to rank highest, so new business owners should make note of this.

Third, keep the terminology as basic as possible. Even though you may have a comprehensive understanding of language, as it relates to your industry, you must always keep your audience in mind. They may not comprehend the same terminology that you do, which is why you should keep layman's terms in mind when perfecting voice search. Putting yourself in the shoes of a prospect will help this process move along smoother.

As you can see, there are many ways to help optimize your website for voice search. Even so, there are other steps that must be taken to ensure that your website gains more visibility. One such method is prioritizing responsive web design. In other words, if your site is as easy to use on a smartphone as it is on a computer, its chances of ranking will be higher. Additionally, ensure that your site is free of any duplicate content. This will increase the site's value, not only to search engines but visitors as well. These are just a few ways to get the most out of SEO as a whole.

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