Health And Wellness Products For Women Who Are Battling Depression And Anxiety

By Scott Hall

Doctors confirm that females are more prone to ending up with anxiety and depression compared to males. Honestly, they do not know why. It is believed, however, that it can stem from hormonal imbalance every woman is at risk of encountering. One example that can confirm that a bout of mental illness can be hormonal in nature is postpartum depression. For dealing with anxiety and depression, so many kinds of health and wellness products for women are being sold on the market these days.

Some of those that sell like hotcakes are herbal teas. A female consumer can choose from a wide variety of them, each product just as promising as the next. Due to the fact that different bodies react in various ways to herbal drinks, choosing the right one to consume is an important matter. Usually, figuring out which herbal tea can provide excellent results can be achieved by trying different types of teas.

A lot of females who are depressed and anxious go for chamomile tea. The said herbal drink is capable of calming your nervous system, thus saving you from focusing on depressing or anxious thoughts. Because chamomile tea does not cause unfavorable side effects due to the fact that it's completely natural, you can drink a few cups of it daily.

The consumption of chamomile herbal tea is especially recommended at bedtime. It's for the fact that it is an excellent home remedy for insomnia, one of the complications of having anxiety and depression. Someone who suffers from a mental illness needs to obtain 7 to 9 hours of restorative sleep per night. Otherwise, hormonal imbalance may strike and it's something that can exacerbate an existing mental issue.

Aside from chamomile tea, there are a few other herbal teas that are proven effective for dealing with anxiety and depression. Lavender tea is one example, which is also a superb fighter of insomnia. Green tea is suggested, too, because it contains compounds that promote superb mental health.

Herbal capsules and pills for anxious and depressed female consumers are also available on the market these days. Female consumers can choose from so many different ones. That's a good thing because it means that a woman will surely find something that can provide much needed relief.

A really well known herbal supplement for females who are having lots of anxious and depressing thoughts is passion flower. Although sold in tea form, too, many individuals prefer to take it in the form of capsule or pill. It's because passion flower tea doesn't come with an enjoyable taste. Other herbal solutions that a woman may consider trying include rose bud, lemon balm, rosemary, valerian root, kava, St. John's wort and ginkgo biloba.

It's highly recommended for a woman who is experiencing anxiety or depression to tell her doctor about her plan on consuming herbal products. This is important most especially if she is suffering from a certain health condition or taking prescription medications. It's also a good idea for her to rely on an herbal solution under the direct supervision of a reputable herbalist.

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