An Overview On Job Order Contracting

By Ann Kelly

The choice of project delivery method used for construction, renovation and rehabilitation projects has a great impact on the time and finance allocated for it. Since most of these developments are in phases such as design phase and construction phase, the processes involved and using Job Order Contracting as a delivery tool will improve on working relationships between the owner and the contractor and save on overall time.

In recent times, many organizations would employ the selection of awarding of professional designers to come up with the ultimate design of the plan and later on selecting contractors for the construction phase. This method which is also known as the design-bid-build method did work but generally led to a distant relationship between the plan participants due to it being process-oriented.

With most proponents adopting the job order contracts method, a strong bond is created between the participants involved in the design and construction phases and the owner. This precise method has indeed become a go-to tool as it is popular in construction industries especially those involved in facility developments enabling them to exacerbate preconstruction timelines allowing them to meet their deadlines in good times.

This particular tool has a greater sense of accuracy when it comes to pricing of the plan as the criteria used is often precise, objective and consistent. Due to the fact that the work is set out for a specific amount of time, the tool allows the individual to have a budget estimate that will cater for all phases and meeting all the expected targets in good time.

This precise tool is usually advantageous to plan owners who have the desire to complete numerous projects dealing with rehabilitations, renovations and repairs within a short period of time. The project owner usually gives a brief description of intended task, its objectives and targets. The proponent goes further to give desired expectations such as time and dates from the completion of the task having asked for a request for proposal from potential companies.

This tool also allows the owner, designer and the contractor to work closely to come up with the most economical method needed to perform the work. This is usually done in meetings and site visits for familiarization with the site. The request for proposal will then be forwarded to the owner for consideration and approval and if everything is agreed the owner will sign it off and the project will go on as scheduled.

With the approval done, the individual is able to carry out numerous developments to be done hence using time optimally. The completion of the development in good time will however depend on the efficiency of contractors selected. This requires a good amount of background checking which should be done by the proponent so as to avoid surprises or disappointments upon the commencing of work

Approvals of request for proposals has to be done carefully. This is due to the fact that there are a number of malicious individuals who are out to swindle money with the use of company names that do not exist. It is the duty of the owner to check on issues such as credibility, license, physical addresses, references and qualification documents of the company before they can get into contract with the company.

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