Office 365 Support Minneapolis: Advice On Identity Protection

By Charles Russell

People steal, that s a fact, they break into houses, they rob banks, they mug people on the streets and etc. Things are now worse because thieves no longer just steal physical possessions, they steal other people s identities too; the most common reasons for this type of crime is to take loans, steal money and acquire citizenship. Office 365 support Minneapolis is as important as protection against robberies and burglaries if not more important.

This is how you protect yourself against identity theft; before throwing any document away, make sure that it doesn t have your identification number or any other personal information, otherwise, you should tear it down into small pieces before getting rid of it. Also, take care of your identity card/book (green card), if it gets lost, report it immediately.

People save a lot of things on their mobile phones, laptops and other electronic systems. They also purchase things online and join websites and apps that may require their personal information upon signing up. Now, technology allows their cell phones and laptops to remember their passwords, that is, the next time the owners sign in they won t need to put in the password, their technological devices will automatically fill it in.

So, if the devices get stolen or lost, the person who has them will be able to log in because the credentials are saved and they can steal that information. It might be tempting to save credentials on your laptop, but things can go wrong if it gets lost.

There is no legit company or institution which will require you to share things like banking details and identity numbers through a link sent by email. People who send those links just want you to open them so that they can steal your personal information. Also, don t open attachments from suspicious email addresses, some are meant to hack your computer.

Others scammers won t send an email, they will call you pretending to be from a bank or other reliable institution. Normally, they pretend to be needing to update their customer s information. The safest way is to tell them you ll come to their offices to update or tell them you ll call them back just to be sure they are who they say they are. You already know the right telephone numbers to your bank, so when you call them you will know you re talking to the right people.

If you didn t enter a competition but you receive a message saying you have won money, it is probably a scam that will steal your identity or money. Always put your identity document in a safe place if you re not using it. Lastly, make sure no one knows or sees your bank card pin when withdrawing money.

Use these tips to protect yourself from a theft of identity, scams, and fraud.

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