VoIP Offers Businesses Alternative Telecommunications Solutions

By Kimberly Watson

Modern consumers have more choices than ever before and companies have to work much harder to build their brands and a loyal client base. With more options, consumers have also become more demanding, particularly about the services that they receive. In this respect communication is of paramount importance. Only companies with sophisticated and highly efficient communication systems can keep all role players satisfied. More and more companies are starting to look at VoIP when looking for new telecommunications solutions.

The use of the internet to conduct communications is as old as the internet itself, but it never really caught on in the beginning. This was because internet connectivity was rather limited and slow in the beginning. Things have changed, however, and fast, reliable internet connections can be made just about anywhere in the world. Subsequently, the popularity of VoIP has soared and keeps increasing every day.

VoIP service providers promise significant savings when switching to them. In this, they have been proven correct, with some large companies reporting savings of up to fifty percent of their phone bills. At the same time, internet based systems offer superior communication facilities, allowing users to be much more productive. In fact, many users say that VoIP has enabled them to vastly improve their customer service.

VoIP clients do not only save on their monthly phone bills. There are also significant savings to be had because these systems require only one single central installation, with the software hosted by the service provider. This means that there is no need for telephone operators or to maintain switchboard systems at every branch or location where the company operates. These savings can mount up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then there is the fact that VoIP systems truly free users from their desks. With traditional systems, users have to be physically present at a telephone extension in order to make or receive calls. This is not the case with internet systems. Users can access the system from anywhere in the world, allowing them to move around freely without ever missing an important call. This ability can have a major impact on productivity levels.

Users also love the fact that they are not restricted to the use of a single device to access the system. They can use any device that can connect to the internet. Every user account is stored in the cloud and is therefore available to the user and authorised system managers regardless of where they are or what device they are using to access the system. This truly renders the old fashioned work station obsolete.

Those that became used to handy features such as voice mail and call holding offered by traditional systems will still enjoy those features but they will get much more than that. VoIP systems are feature rich and all the features are designed to enhance productivity and to make life easier for users. New users will quickly learn to love the voice to fax and email features and the ability to arrange voice or even video conferences.

There can be no doubt that VoIP is here to stay and that it will go from strength to strength. Research and development continues and one can look forward to even more advanced features. It is not surprising that so many companies are moving over to new systems.

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