Online Marketing Companies: 4 Things You May Not Know About Flickr

By Paula Hess

When you think about social media, what are some of the sites that immediately spring to mind? To the average user, Flickr may be one of the last names. This isn't indicative of its value, however, as it's one of the bigger image and video sharing platforms in the world today. How much do you know about Flickr, though? Whether you are a long-time user or someone who's never visited the site, here are 4 interesting facts shared by an online marketing company.

What many people don't know about Flickr is the length of time it's been in existence for. According to names such as, this site was launched in 2004, meaning that it predates other networking sites that people are familiar with, Twitter and Instagram included. As a result, Flickr stands out as one of the oldest-standing platforms in the history of social media. Of course, this is just one of many nuggets of information worth sharing.

No social media site is complete without content, and Flickr contains more than a wealth of it. Did you know that, on this site, there are more than 10 billion images on this site and counting? Given the fact that this site hosts over 90 million users each month, this shouldn't come as any surprise. Even so, it should speak volumes about the importance of content in the digital age. "Content is king" has never rung truer.

Flickr was founded in 2004 by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, both of whom served as the founders of Ludicorp. They were also responsible for the release of Game Neverending, which was an MMO video game. The aforementioned game was shelved and Ludicorp was bought by Yahoo in 2005. Flickr, on the other hand, remains the duo's most successful venture. Different versions of the site were developed until the version we see today became the standard.

While Flickr is, by and large, a digital platform, it can also provide physical media. In 2013, the company unveiled Photo Books, which were hardcover albums that would showcase the content that users had. Photo Books, as a service, would be able to compile various photos so that they would not only create a story, but appear elegant as well. Seeing as how there aren't many networking platforms that offer physical media, Flickr stands out in this respect.

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