4 Rules For High-Quality Display Ads, By Long Island Advertising Agencies

By Arthur Williams

If you spend a lot of time online, either on your computer at home or the smartphone in your hand, you've most likely come across display ads. These are promotional tools that are located on websites, the goal being to draw user attention and create engagement. If you're looking to create your own display ads, there are a few methods you should follow. Here are 4 ways to create the ads in question for the sake of Long Island advertising success.

For those that are unfamiliar with creating display ads, it's important to be attention-grabbing at the onset. This can be done by selecting the right images that will accompany your copy. Make sure that they are high-resolution graphics, as pixelated or otherwise low-quality images won't do. You must also include the right colors to make your ads stand out more. Following these steps will allow you to create ads that the likes of fishbat can approve of.

Next, ensure that your ads have the right copy associated with them. The copy is what will help you sell the public on your products and services, so make sure that it's as catchy as possible. Furthermore, it should be accurate, as your business may be accused of clickbait otherwise. Make sure that you spellcheck the copy for your display ads, too. Even one misspelling can render your advertising efforts less effective.

Display ads should be designed with CTAs, or calls to action, in mind as well. What do you want a user to do upon clicking on your ad? Do you want them to visit another page on your site? Are you looking for them to reach out to you for more information? Whatever the case may be, a CTA should be able to convey this as clearly as possible. Otherwise, you won't get nearly as much out of your display advertising efforts as you should.

No matter how confident you might be in your display ads, they should be tested as well. One of the reasons why an ad may fall short is because it's not as functional as it once when it first launched. Perhaps you made a change to your website or an image link of yours became broken. Whatever the case may be, routine testing will allow you to pick up on any imperfections, thereby allowing you to correct them.

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