The Defining Attributes Of Linkedin Videos By Long Island Advertising Agencies

By Arthur Williams

Anyone that specializes in Long Island advertising will tell you that content is paramount. This is especially true on social media, which brings us to the topic of LinkedIn. One of the best-performing types of content on this platform are videos, which users can make and post on their own feeds. Before you start recording on your phone, however, here are a few traits that your videos should have to be as engaging as possible.

Brief - If you're serious about posting videos on LinkedIn, keep them brief. One of the most common concerns when it comes to content sharing is losing the attention of others. Videos will entice people to learn more, but usually the content that's short in length performs better. This applies to not only LinkedIn but social media in general. Reputable firms such as fishbat will tell you the same.

Content-Focused - In addition to being relatively short in length, LinkedIn videos must be content-focused. What is it that you plan on providing your core audience? Are you looking to cover industry information that will help them stay in the loop? What if you're more into providing advice that will help aspiring entrepreneurs reach their dreams? These are just a few examples of content that your videos can provide to LinkedIn users.

Steady - Another quality that LinkedIn videos should possess is steadiness. When you start recording with a specific orientation, either horizontally or vertically, stick with this throughout the video. If you decide to suddenly switch between them, your videos will feel inconsistent, meaning that they'll be less likely to be viewed. The steadier the videos in question are, the better they are expected to perform.

Prompt - You should be prompt when it comes to posting LinkedIn videos, too. To better frame this, if a news story that you find interesting breaks, you'll want to get your thoughts out about it as soon as possible. The video that you'll record on the story in question should be published the day of so that, in theory, it attracts as much attention as possible. This is an example of promptness in action when it comes to LinkedIn content in general.

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