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By Debra Price

Education is a good thing. It eliminates ignorance. Actually, knowledge is power and ignorance is not bliss. There is no end of education. Even after possessing a PHD qualification one can still advance his education. Every day offers an opportunity for learning something new. It is accurate to say that a person who possesses a diploma or an undergraduate degree is reasonably educated. Therefore, he is ready for the job market. To be employed, one needs to have a CV. To have the best resume possible that will capture employers, one requires resume writing assistance.

The world is competitive. In some job niches such as law and accounting, the number of qualified individuals exceeds the number of jobs. Thus, there is cutthroat competition. There are niches that have manpower shortages. Programming is one of them. The number of qualified programmers that are released to the market every year cannot satisfy the demand that exists.

When there are many people who want a particular job, one will need to present himself in the best manner possible. Presentation is vital. It is just as important as qualifications. With thousands of people applying for a job, one needs to have a competitive advantage. A good CV will make an individual to stand out of the crowd.

The CV should be as attractive as possible. However, one should not go overboard. It also needs to be precise and straight to the point. There is no need to use ten words when one can use three words. There must be a qualification section. There is no need to list qualifications obtained before college. One should start with the college qualifications.

A CV should also have a skills section. Skills are very different from qualifications. Skills are obtained from practical work. One becomes skilled when he does the actual job and not when he is learning theories in a classroom. On the other hand, a qualification is offered after completing a course. An example of qualification is Bachelor of Business Management.

One should exercise attention to detail during the resume preparation exercise. No relevant detail should be left out. Also, there should be zero errors. A keen employer will easily notice a grammar error and that can make one not to be shortlisted for a job. After creating a CV, one should proofread it a number of times to eliminate errors.

DIY resume preparation is not always the best approach. It is advisable to leave the CV experts to handle everything. Each person has his own line of work. One cannot be good at accounting and CV preparation at the same time. There are people who have many years of experience and competence as far as CV preparation is concerned.

The purpose of a resume is to sell the benefits. It is a marketing document. Self marketing is part of the employment search process. One can be highly qualified but he might not have his dream job due to ineffective marketing. A CV is like an advertisement. Thus, it needs to be prepared by an expert. DIY alternative is not recommended.

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