Using Easy Time Clock Software In Your Business

By Daniel Perry

Keeping track of time and attendance is the bane of every company and organisation that employs staff, particularly if they get paid by the hour or if they work overtime. Manual registers and clock cards are not always effective as they leave room for abuse. When a company decides to install easy time clock software and use it to keep track of staff, it frees management up considerably while allowing accurate monitoring.

Workers that are not making their weekly attendance requirement will be able to be dealt with in an appropriate manner, correcting any tardiness and slacking and eliminating time wasting. This will ultimately improve productivity within the company. Staff morale could improve as a result.

The old way of capturing hours worked, using a book and either letting staff capture their own arrival and departure times or having a supervisor do it, is generally not accurate. Either people would falsely capture the information to cover up wrong-doing such as arriving at work late or leaving early, or claim overtime when they had not worked longer hours.

It also gave supervisors the ability to cheat on timekeeping. If they had a staff member that they particularly favoured or disliked, they could show bias and adjust and alter their times to either benefit or penalise them. Obviously, this is not only unfair on staff and employer, but it is also seen as stealing since time is money.

Once an automated clocking system is installed in the workplace and is working correctly, the risk of abuse is dramatically reduced. Access to data is immediate and accurate, no longer requiring that administrators and payroll staff call for physical cards and books to monitor. There is no longer a need for manual calculations and staff can no longer cheat their employer and fair business practice is re-established.

The readers are usually linked to the main computer system using 3G or wireless internet, maintain the correct time and date and allowing for remote access and repairs. It is a cost-effective and reliable method of running the devices. This also means that the data is instantly available and various reports can be set up from the software. Levels of access to the system and data is also possible.

Any of the readers, as well as any number of them, can be installed where required. Having a reader at the main entrance to the company, and linking it to the door or gate, allows entry only upon positive identification. Security is also upgraded as it can prevent certain staff from accessing restricted areas, or only allow entry during certain times. The worker will place his finger on the scanner and once his fingerprint is identified, the time is linked to his record.

While manual clock cards are still open to abuse in some way, the biometric clocking system is practically foolproof. The workforce is required to have their fingerprints scanned and linked to their identity. Within the system, everything relevant pertaining to that staff member is recorded. Their position, the shifts they are expected to work, their annual leave days as well as their pay rate, depending on the chosen program.

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