How To Make Your Home Smart At The Lowest Budget

By Rebecca Walker

Tech world is rushing to connect everything to the internet. This is bound to transform living spaces with homes being the target of technological creativity. When you think of how to make your home smart, several gadgets come to mind. These gadgets are meant to reduce the hustle of rising from the seat or punching the remote a hundred times in order to find the best music combination. Here are gadgets and technological investments that will transform any house.

A WIFI thermostat is considered the face of smartening any room. The devices are perfect for synchronizing the conditions in your room including temperature and even learning your schedules. The idea is to ensure that whenever you step into the house, you will have the perfect condition other than having to switch on the AC and other gadget. The thermostat is controlled using a phone app.

Lighting is used to adjust the mood of a room. What it you can do the adjustment through your phone? The family of hue bulbs offers this opportunity. The room will take your desire color as well as be bright or dark by being controlled from your phone. This also allows you to save energy and thus reduce your utility expenditure.

There are indoor areas where the quality of air is a very sensitive condition. An example is around children or near the kitchen to protect surrounding installations from being consumed by fire. Nest protection devices read the quality of air around the home and raise an alarm depending on settings. They can detect excess carbon monoxide and other gases that emanate from combustion. The alarm might even go off when your onions burn.

Bluetooth speakers are already with us. However, you still need to punch the remote, insert the memory stick and select songs along the way. What is you could just speak and the speaker searches for the song online? This is the magic of internet enabled speakers. You program voices into the speaker and whenever you mention the song, it will search automatically from the internet.

Net streaming cameras are on mobile devices already. But they have been taken a notch higher by enabling you to stream proceedings from a remote location. When installed at your door, you will see the visitor knocking, talk to him or her over loud speaker and take necessary actions like opening the door or raising an alarm. This is the best option when you have kids who have to be monitored.

Reduction in energy consumption is one of the targets of smart technology. An automatic plug allows you to program and shut appliances at different intervals based on the activity at hand. As long as it is connected to power through the plug, it can shut down after hours based on its energy consumption.

Smart technology comes in different formats. You will need to make a decision on the gadgets to install. You even have the option of cleaning the floor or locking doors from your phone and remotely. All this technology comes at a price but with good decision making, the price will be worth.

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