Effective Airbnb Host Tips That Will Have Guests Recommending You To Everyone

By Daniel Rogers

If you want to earn some extra cash without taking on a traditional second job, you will have to get creative. Homeowners are going into the hospitality industry in increasing numbers. If you are interested, it is as easy as posting a good ad on a trusted website. Depending on your marketing expertise, you could start fielding calls almost immediately. This is the easy part though. People who have been successful booking rooms have some Airbnb host tips you should pay attention to.

The advertising you place on the website should be an honest representation of the accommodations you are offering. Most people don't expect you live in a mansion. If the rooms you are offering are small, you need to say so, in a flattering way. Cozy is a nice word that conveys the message. If the rooms are on the second floor, and guests will have to climb stairs, you can include a photo of the staircase instead of dwelling on the walk up.

One mark of a great host is thoughtful communication. A good suggestion for those new to the hosting experience is to get in touch with your guests a couple of weeks before they arrive. You can let them know, through email or texting, that you appreciate them choosing your home and are excited to meet them. You can ask about any diet restrictions and food preferences at the same time.

If guests are coming for sightseeing and taking in the local attractions, it's a nice gesture to place brochures that advertise the current museum exhibits, amusement park hours, and farmer's market specials in the room. You could also leave restaurant menus, bus schedules, discount coupons, and travel books on side tables. Guests who have expressed an interest in a particular attraction will appreciate any personal recommendations.

If your guests had wanted to book rooms in a local hotel, they would have done so. You don't want the rooms in your house to look impersonal and antiseptic. There are lots of ways to personalize their surroundings, making rooms inviting and special. During holidays, special decorations can be fun, and flowers are almost always welcoming.

You can meet the plane or train when your guests arrive. If they are traveling by car, giving them parking instructions prior to their arrival and greeting them in the driveway is a great way to welcome them. Helping with bags and inviting them down to the living area for drinks and hors d'oeuvres after unpacking are simple gestures that go a long way.

Experienced hosts are unanimous when it comes to the importance of cleanliness. Your house, and the rooms you're renting, have to be spotless. Imagine how you would feel walking into a dark, dirty room that someone expects you to stay in and pay for. Not only will you lose guests, you will quickly get a bad online reputation.

There are homeowners who are making real income renting out rooms to guests. If you need extra money, this could be an option. Being a great host is a requirement though.

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