The Benefits Of Using Drone Photography For Aerial Mapping From A Professional Drone Pilot In Plantation FL

By Donna Beley

It wasn't too many years ago that when you mention drones, it almost always pertained to military or law enforcement uses. In the past few years, however, applications for drone technology have not only expanded in fields but within those fields as well. Interestingly, these civilian applications have expanded exponentially. In particular is the field of aerial mapping by drones as opposed to mapping by ground-based survey tools.

Drones have many advantages. They are not expensive or difficult to operate. They can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. Using drones, as opposed to ground GPS, is a sensible and efficient solution.

Traversing difficult terrain might be dangerous for ground surveying crews. Getting photos using a manned aircraft has its problems, and data collected from satellites may not be as detailed as required. Drones are the safest and fastest alternative.

There are a lot of people who consider the use of drone technology to be unsuited for use in mapping and surveying, but this simply is not the case. In fact, once you know the control points such as the map coordinates or placed markers, you can fly a drone for the mapping or the survey with a pilot or totally autonomously. Further, drones can take high high-resolution color photos as well as infrared pictures. Even with the drone already in flight, data can be sent to the drone for use while airborne.

It doesn't matter what kind of mapping or surveying you want to do. Even in the case of creating cadastral maps, drones can be used to define property boundaries for purposes such as renting, buying or selling buildings or land. Another benefit of drone mapping is the identification of boundaries and identifying land features with drone-generated pictures.

Regardless of the type of mapping needed, drone technology is ideally suited for the use. Whatever the infrastructure need might be, and whatever the drone being used, it can quickly prove to be the best friend a property manager can have.

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