What Are The Roles Played By Technology

By Elizabeth Ward

As what you can see in the surrounding, many things were made new because of technology and how it renews the people lived their lives. Through different inventions, people had been shown a way on how easy it would be for us. One of the things that were developed through technology is the Pressurized Liquid Extraction System that later becomes helpful to humans.

There have been many ways of why technology is very important in our society. First is we were introduced into the new way of communication. When before, people will have to wait for a long time before they can get a response from someone, now exchanging words has been so easy even if that person is in the other side of the world. And new inventions were able to make it this way.

Relationships can be established through this. When before, you can only meet someone or exchange thoughts with someone when you are together personally, but now it becomes easy for singles to find their destiny. Millions of people had used online dating sites and apps, and even some were able to find their true love.

Education was made even stronger at the same time easier for some teachers. I have seen my teacher who will just use a certain app. In these apps, he can give us sets of activities that comes through gaming, and also some videos that showed us some new learnings. Fun and easy for kids and their teachers.

There is even a new way for you to pay in stores. There has been established e money, where your money is safe under the use of cards, where it is stored. Once you have to buy something, you will just have to scan the QR code in the cashier through your phone and you can pay easily what you had purchased.

Even in banking technology has been a very important part of it. I have noticed that every time my mom would check the balance of her ATM card, the need to first go to that bank so that she could do the checking. But as soon as technology developed, we could just do the balance checking right into our phones, it becomes easy for us to check our balances.

When we talk about agriculture, the full force of their efforts must be done in order for them to have something they can harvest. They have to plow the fields by themselves. But when tractors were given to them, plowing through the use of buffalos were not that essential anymore.

When we talk about transportation, it was also greatly affected. When new vehicles were invented and were very helpful in a way that it decreases the time we can travel the amount we spend for gas. New faster trains were introduced and up until now, they are still on the process of doing more helpful vehicles in the future.

Because of technology a lot of lives were made easier. I forgot to also mention that played a very important role in the medical industry. Right now, doctors have easier way on how they can treat diseases that they have not treated before. They were able to use machines that can detect any illness inside the body of that person. And even in every aspects of our lives, technology really become so important.

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