The Use Of Tactical Augmented Reality In The US Army

By Anthony Phillips

As of current, the US Army has been making use of bulky equipment in order to check the locations of enemies and teammates during their combat time. The problem with this type of equipment is that it may slow the soldiers down, making them more susceptible to possible enemy attacks. That is why the US Army has started making use of technology known as Tactical Augmented Reality or TAR, in order to cover these weaknesses.

The TAR is a very useful system that was designed to make moving in the battlefield easier for the soldiers. It was created by the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Commands Communications Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center and was made to replace traditional tools. It is now being used by soldiers while the research and development department has been making further advancements.

Now, one of the main features of TAR, is that it has so many functions rolled into just one piece of equipment. One of those functions is a very strong GPS system that can accurately pinpoint coordinates to show the people in the battlefield. This enables the soldiers to know where their teammates are and the estimated locations of their enemies.

Another cool function that the TAR system has would be a night fighting system complete with the comprehensive GPS and a pair of night vision goggles that will allow the soldiers to somehow see the terrain even at night. As night fighting is really hard because it impairs vision, being able to see in the dark would definitely give one an edge over the enemy. This is especially useful for those who want to locate the enemy while they are hiding.

Just to give an idea, the GPS is so advanced that it is already integrated into the machinery and can auto geo register location. Back in the day, soldiers still had to make use of hand held devices to register their location and share it with their comrades. Now, the wireless GPS can do all of that automatically without any delay.

Now, it may be a bit hard to imagine what the TAR looks like so here is an idea of the whole setup. It is actually an eyepiece and headset that is connected to a tablet without any wire. The TAR system is also connected to a thermal sight attached to a rifle. So without the need for any wires, a soldier has a complete battle set ready for any action.

Lastly, this system has the ability to share data with others that hold the same device. So if a soldier would want to send his or her location, whether visuals or coordinates to other soldiers on his or her team, it is possible with the TAR. That aspect aims to truly enhance the teamwork of the whole brigade.

As one can see, this invention is a truly marvelous one that will really bring out the full potential of the US Army. In order to improve overall performance, the TAR was created to make things easier for the soldiers who are at war. With its multipurpose functions, it makes teamwork smoother, locating enemies faster, and night fighting much simpler as a whole.

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