Choosing A Good Gamer PC Based On Specs

By Shirley Campbell

For those who love to play games at home or for those who want to become professional players, they will need a good computer for games. Now, in order to have a gamer pc, certain specs will be needed to take the heavy requirements of games. So for those who are really serious about getting a powerful gaming computer, here are some of the things to take note of with regard to the specs.

Now, the very first thing that one has to take a look at is the CPU. Most games need to have a minimum of two core processors in order to run. However, one needs to take note of the requirements of the game because other games would require a higher core processor than just the usual dual core processor.

The next thing that one would need to take note of would be the definition of the game and how the processor affects it. For those who want a full HD game, the minimum specs would be a 2.5Ghz processor which is represented by the letter i and the processor number. The most powerful is an i7 processor but at the very least, an i5 processor is needed for most games in the market.

Now, the graphic card is a very important thing to think about since it is the graphic card that will determine the quality of the game. Before thinking about the graphic card though, one has to make sure that the motherboard can take in the correct graphic cards. At the very least, the motherboard must have a correct SLI slot for the NVIDIA cards or a Crossfire slot for AMD Crossfire cards so that the computer can run dual graphic cards.

Now, the graphic cards will be the the main factors for the display settings. Now, a good pair of graphic cards would have a memory range of about 2GB to 4Gb depending on the game. This would be able to take games that run from 30 frames per second to up to 90 frames per second in order to avoid lag.

Next up is the RAM which is either a DDR3 or a DDR4 as these two are the best RAMs for a gaming motherboard. Do take note that these are also the most compatible with gaming computer motherboards as well. With regard to memory, 32GB is the most recommended but 16GB will do depending on the game.

Finally, the last thing to think of would be the hard drive storage. The most common would be an HDD storage which would require a 7200RPM with cached memory of up to 16MB if one wants to put in games. For the storage size, then a good amount would be somewhere between 250GB to 500GB depending on what kind of game one would want to run.

Now, those are some of the most basic things that one must have in order to have a good gaming computer. Other stuff can come later such as a gaming mouse, keyboard, joystick, power supply, high def monitor, and other things. As long as the basic things are gotten, then the computer is good to go.

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