Linkedin Marketing Do's And Don'ts For Long Island Advertising Success

By Arthur Williams

There are many social media networks, but none are as geared toward industry professionals as LinkedIn. Industries ranging from real estate to technology are bustling on this platform, and there are many professionals that have been able to implement it for long-term marketing. Do you wish to leverage said platform for your own success? If so, here are some do's and don'ts that any Long Island advertising expert can offer.

When it comes to the essential do's to know, start with content creation. LinkedIn offers a variety of tools that will allow you to submit content that, hopefully, will attract the attention of other users. Everything from the posts you share on your timeline to the articles that you publish go a long way in establishing your presence on LinkedIn. These same pieces may also help you create relationships, which is one of the biggest reasons companies such as fishbat use this platform.

You should also look into Groups, which are among the many facets that help LinkedIn stand out from other social media platforms. One of the reasons Groups exist is to help connect like-minded individuals. They will be able to stay engaged in conversations related to news stories, writing opportunities, and the like. Depending on the subject matter of said conversations, users may wish to speak outside of these Groups, which can help foster business relationships in the long run.

Now let's discuss the don'ts of LinkedIn, starting with an incomplete profile. While many people may look at their LinkedIn accounts as digital resumes, the weight that they carry is undeniable. What this means is that you should take the time to fill out your profile as much as you can. Include information that potential connections and employers will look for, including education and relevant skills. The more that you fill out your profile, the better it will be.

Lastly, don't simply connect to users and fail to follow up. If your goal is to establish relationships on LinkedIn, you must be consistent with your interactions. Even a simple "hello" or "thanks for connecting with me" goes a long way, as it shows that you're not simply looking to boost your connection number. Don't be timid about reaching out; if anything, your ability to directly engage other users will set potential relationships into motion.

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