Insights In Teaching Blind And Visually Impaired Readers

By Susan Hughes

If you want to spend your time with a special child, then there are some things that you have to know. Remember that blind and visually impaired readers Atlanta need special attention for them to cope up with the demanding world. So, you ought to be fully prepared to be the best source of assistance which they can get right now.

You must provide them ample of time during the orientation period. Remember that they are encountering all of these things for the first time. Therefore, your role in here is just to answer all of their queries until they are ready for the real activity. Be one with them in their journey and this will never feel like work.

You have to personally orient them so that they would be excited with the circle time. In here, they shall be placed side by side with other students which shall be another factor which they need to adjust to. So, try not to put any pressure on them and push yourself to be in the same pace with them as well.

Do not stop them from being independent in here. However, make an emphasis that they need to call on you for help. They are free to become clueless about some terms. Thus, simply show your enthusiasm to help them out because these people will always be more sensitive than the average. Therefore, be true in being their aid.

Make them listen to your voice all the time. Also, try to promote complete silence when one student is speaking. Respect has to be practiced in different forms and do not be too lenient with this virtue. A child may lack one vital organ but that does not mean that he or she cannot have all the good values in the world.

Be sure that the act of raising hands will still be practiced in here. Nothing much has to change except for the reading materials which are going to be used. They may have a special case but you will be surprised with their determination to be just like everybody else. You are the bridge to this goal. Be steadfast to your mission.

If their vision is not totally damaged, then small gestures such as placing them on the front row can be truly appreciated. What is essential is that you become more selfless in this job. This not about making money and supporting yourself. When you take on this role, then you have to leave yourself to become the teachers to others.

Make an effort to remember all of their names. Never underestimate how this act can put a huge smile on their faces. Again, this will always be a selfless act for a profession.

Lastly, never give up on them. You have taken one of the most difficult jobs in the world. So, it would only be right for you to walk an extra mile for these people. They are counting on you.

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