With VoIP Phone Systems Boston Businesses Offer Their Clients Superior Service

By Michelle Stone

A highly efficient and flexible communications capacity is one of the most important requirements in business today. Competition is fierce and it is often those that can respond to a need first that profit. Consumers are much more demanding because they have so many more options. They want an instant response and if they do not get it, they simply go elsewhere. By switching over to VoIP phone systems Boston companies are better able to always be in touch.

Voice over Internet Protocol has been available for some years, but it was not immediately popular. Because it uses the internet as a communications platform, it only worked where a connection to the internet was possible. In the early years access was only available in major centers, but things have changed with internet access now available almost everywhere. Thus internet based systems soared in popularity.

For many new users, the significant savings promised by service provider is the initial motivation to look at an internet based system. These are not empty promises either. Many new clients have found that they are saving more than half the cost of their previous telephone bills. For big companies, these savings can amount to millions of dollars over the period of a year.

Another major cost saving benefit of an internet based system is that it does not require the installation of expensive hardware at every branch or building. Instead, it is installed centrally and because the software is hosted by the service provider, maintenance is minimal. Older switchboards required a huge capital outlay and maintenance costs were very high. Internet users therefore save even more money and there is no need for switchboard operators.

Perhaps the single biggest drawback of an older switchboard system is the fact that employees could only make or receive calls if they were present at their desks, in reach on their telephone extensions. Once away from their desks, they were out of touch. An internet system offer users the freedom of mobility. They can communicate anywhere and at any time. This is a major benefit because no user is every out of range.

Another great benefit of internet based communication is the fact that users are not restricted by having to use a specific handset or device. They can use any device that has access to the internet. Even better, regardless of which device they use, they full user records are always available to them because these records are saved in the cloud. They can also access a variety of reports and statistics whenever they want.

Modern communication is much more than the ability to talk to another person and this is all that older telecommunication systems allowed. Internet based systems offer many different communication options. Users can send pictures, documents and files to other users, they can send emails to faxes and they can speak to people face to face with high definition video. These benefits completely overshadow the features offered by switchboards.

There can be little doubt that the future of communications lies in internet based systems. They are affordable, flexible, reliable and they offer numerous benefits that enhance productivity. It is not surprising that switchboards are already seen as antique.

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