Technology Redefined In Assembling Computers

By Steven Kelly

Computer is manufactured in separate parts. Like a human body each part has a significant role to play. This machine cannot fully function without any of the parts not working properly. The main reason why the machineries were huge in size back in olden day was the wiring of their parts was done externally. Finally all the parts are put together and with the help of technology have redefined in assembling computers through wave soldering and PCB assembly.

The technological advancement in electrical engineering in making the devices smaller is called electronics. In order to shrink the mass we have to connect the parts internally. This is achieved by connecting using liquid metal like mercury or copper on a circuit board. Devices are not only smaller in size but they consume less power. Mostly the type of power used is DC current. This has created a revolution in the field of engineering.

The device does not work if motherboard is broken. There is no way that we can attach. The only option is to replace the circuit. The blueprint or the design can be obtained on a transparent paper which helps us to reconstruct the appliance as many times as we want. There are printed motherboards available in the market which makes lot easier in constructing a circuit.

We can listen to our favorite music on a radio. This machine is designed to catch frequencies of different countries so that we can listen to songs in various languages. Mobile phone is an amazing piece of equipment that we can carry in our pocket and talk to anybody in the world.

Chips are different parts in a circuit board that performs specific function. CPU, RAM, SMPS and Hard Drive are some of the examples of chips in computer that does specific activities. This is quite similar to the human body like we have heart, brain, arteries and stomach. CPU is the central processing unit which contains the processor which keeps ticking like a clock every millisecond. The random access memory stores the information temporarily whenever required.

Finding the fault in a manual drawn structure is a tedious work. Nowadays there is software developed for this purpose. This has improved accuracy of the functioning of a gadget and also helps us in fault finding. The initial layout is drawn in two dimensional picture which is developer into a three dimensional object.

We used to go to theaters and dramas for entertainment now we can enjoy simply sitting at home. Today sportsmen can assess their performance with the help of technology that helps to perform better. We can even predict weather or natural calamities well in advance which have helped in saving many lives. Someday in future we would be living in the moon. This is not impossible humans have the capability to make any dream come true.

What we think was impossible is possible now. The technological revolution has completely taken humans into a new dimension altogether. This change has increased the morale and confidence of a man to the skies. There is a vast difference in the social and economic status now compared to the earlier days.

In earlier days when everything has to be done by hand we were unable to produce large qualities. It was not humanly possible. In order to produce at large we would require more manpower. This also posed another issue of paying wages to everyone.

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