By Opting For Hosted VoIP Vancouver Businesses Save Money

By Diane Mitchell

The way in which business is conducted have changed considerably over the past decade or two. Technology has seen to it that even smaller businesses are now able to compete on a global platform and competition is fiercer than ever before. Consumers have become more conscious of the fact that they do not own loyalty to any business. Businesses have to give excellent service. By moving over to hosted VoIP Vancouver companies strive to provide this service that is demanded from them.

Communicating over the internet is certainly not a new concept. Initially, many businesses were hesitant to embrace this technology because it required reliable internet access. This was not always the case, but today there is very few places in the world where it is not possible to access the internet. This fact has been the main reason why internet based communication has become increasingly popular.

Service providers offer potential customers significant savings and this promise is often the main reason why companies consider a switch to internet systems. Many clients have actually reported massive savings of up to fifty percent on their previous communications bills. For large companies this savings can be as high as several million dollars each year. Clients also save money because they no longer have to hire switchboard operators.

Massive savings are also achieved by the fact that Internet based systems do not require separate installation at every site, branch or building. There is only one central installation. This means that there is no large capital outlay for hardware, such as was necessary for older PABX systems. In addition, the system is hosted by the service provider which means that clients have virtually no maintenance costs.

Clients quickly learn that the savings on their communication bills are is not the biggest benefit of these systems. With older systems, users had to be physically present at a work station in order to make or receive call. This severely restricted their ability to be where they are most needed. Internet systems can be used anywhere and users can make and receive calls even when thousands of miles away from their offices.

Users also like the idea that internet based systems allow them to use a variety of devices. Laptops, smart phones and tablets can be used at will, as long as they are able to connect to the internet. Users are not restricted to the use of a single device either, because all their user records are based in the cloud and available to them on any device, at any time and everywhere in the world.

Users of older systems such as PABX have grown used to the ability to transfer calls, voice mail and call forwarding. With internet based systems they still have these features available to them, but they also have a lot of other features that are designed to help them be as efficient as the possibly can be. Users enjoy benefits such as conference calling, video conferences, voice to email, fax to email, and many other exciting features.

It is easy to see why more and more companies opt to move over to internet based communication systems. They save significant amounts, receive superior service and enjoy a host of features that help users to be more productive. It seems that the future of communications has already arrived.

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