Questions Regarding Video & How It Ties Into Web Design In New York

By Arthur Williams

Do you feel as though your site is struggling to engage users as much as it should? In this situation, it might pay to give consideration to video, which has become a successful trend in web design in New York and abroad. Developing video content can be tricky if you don't know what to do. For a better understanding of what this practice entails, and how it goes into web design, here are a few questions worth asking.

"How long should a website video be?" This depends on the specific type of content you're looking to showcase. According to companies such as Lounge Lizard, if you're shooting for a testimonial, keeping the video length within one minute or under is best. What this does is provide information and content without spending too much time doing so. After all, you don't want to lose the attention of those that could become future customers.

"What are the rules regarding auto-play?" The most cardinal rule to follow, when it comes to videos that play on website, is to disable auto-play. You don't want someone to visit your site, only for the content in question to immediately play afterward. This can hinder the user experience, all but guaranteeing that the visitor won't be coming back again. If you provide video content, give the user the option as to whether they'd like to play it.

"What should a video have to encourage further engagement, sales, etc.?" If your goal is to produce these sorts of results, focus on incorporating a call to action into each video you create. For instance, you can end a video by encouraging the user to use a promo code on a future purpose. You can also tell them to sign up for your newsletter to learn more about industry news, your products, or what have you. A CTA could be the stepping stone to help a viewer make a purchase, which makes it all the more worthwhile to include.

For those that have been on the fence about developing video content for their websites, rest easy knowing that the process isn't as difficult as it appears. It's a simple matter of creating content that will be able to complement your site, not take away from it. It should provide value but it must also be functional across numerous devices. Given the fact that more and more people are on the move these days, mobile design should be as much of a focus as traditional design.

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