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By Laura Barnes

Since the early days of civilization, at the dawn of time, creatures have roamed the earth. From tiny diatoms to gigantic dinosaurs, life on planet earth has filled the atmosphere with sounds. Creatures recognize each other by sight and sound. Among the living things lived a creature that somehow managed to convert sounds in to speech. That creature is man. Modern society now relies heavily on the internet platform for communication. Individuals and business entities avail the services of voip providers Vancouver.

As man learned how to convey thought and meaning in the form of words, bi polar communication was born. But prior to this and even to this day there still exists a form of communication based purely on bodily actions. These actions are sometimes regional and sometimes it is universal. These actions are often understood without the use of spoken words. It is called nonverbal communication.

Oral intent channeling between people is made possible with the development of speech. It used to be than man uttered grunts and clicks just like the wild animals. But because the brain is larger than most creatures, it created words and soon found ways to arrange it to be mutually understood. When this started is subject to speculation as history is replete various theories.

Conveying messages and intent orally and directly is constrained by distance. There is a point when the sound of a voice, even when shouted becomes inaudible to an ordinary human ear. This problem was temporarily bridged when writing was invented. The drawback was that it took plenty of time to travel from sender to the receiver.

The problem of distance which permits an individual to hear directly what another is saying stagnated for my a hundred years until the invention of the telephone. This device allowed a person to talk to another from far distances. It converted sound into pulses using wires that connect the two conversant.

The telephone is a quintessential device that has been around just right before the eclipse of the industrial age. These devices fundamentally catch the vibrations than come as sound waves into diaphragms. It is then channeled through thin wires and the person spoken to can hear the words via a receiver. This simple concept took man several decades to capitalize on.

Every household has it. It has become indispensable in the modern world where instant relaying of information is critical in making decisions. Businesses use it too, and very extensively. Instant flow of information is inimical for corporate financial survival.

During its early days this device used to be made of Bakelite material which in many ways has the same characteristic of modern day plastic. It consists of two pieces, the main housing hold that rotary or digital parts and the other part hold the transmitter and the receiver. Modern day phones have touch screen display and often have wireless base.

With the advent of internet technology, information can now be readily accessed in seconds. Several companies offer services using this new internet protocol technology. It is a method of systemizing technologies to deliver voice communication and other multimedia sessions like fax, voice and text messaging.

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