New York Web Design: Who Is Tim Berners-Lee?

By Arthur Williams

To say that history is intriguing would be nothing short of an understatement. As a matter of fact, it's one of the few things that people can agree that's interesting, seeing as how it spans numerous industry. New York web design is no different, especially since there's ample information regarding how websites first came into being. For those who are curious about his story, it's worth learning about the efforts of a man named Tim Berners-Lee.

Born in London, England in 1955, Tim Berners-Lee was not only the first man to create a website but the inventor of the World Wide Web as we know it today. It could be argued that he picked up his knowledge of technology from his parents, seeing as how they were quite involved in computers as well. After graduating from the Queen's College in Oxford, he would start a career that would, in time, influence what we know as New York web design.

Prior to his development of the first website in 1991, Berners-Lee suggested the idea of a network. What this network would do is tie computers together in order to help them share information with one another. The aforementioned website was built by Berners-Lee on a NeXT computer, which was distributed by a company that Steve Jobs headed at the same. Seeing as how Jobs is now better associated with his time at Apple, this is an interesting piece of trivia that tends to go overlooked.

While it might go without saying, the first website that was made wasn't exactly intricate. As a matter of fact - and any Internet marketing company will be able to agree - it was designed to be more informational. It didn't feature any photos or videos, but instead text and hyperlinks detailing information found on the World Wide Web. As a result, it was rather simplified. However, this idea of simplicity seemed to have carried over into the modern-day efforts of web design authorities like Avatar New York.

This is just a general overview of Tim Berners-Lee and the work that he was able to accomplish. Web designers should recognize the work in question, seeing as how his creation of the World Wide Web has allowed them to find work in their industry. Another thing to know about Berners-Lee is that, in 2004, he was knighted because of his past accomplishments. It's a great honor that few have had bestowed upon them.

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