How To Approach Ads For Apps, By App Design Companies

By Arthur Williams

If there's one thing that we can agree on, it's that, for the most part, we don't like ads. To be more specific, we don't like ads that are either thrust upon us with no warning or hold little relevance to our interests. This is especially true when it comes to apps, since we typically use them in order to get quick results. For those who would like to know how careful ad implementation should be done on apps, here are a few quick details from app design companies.

The first thing to know about ad implementation, as it relates to apps, is that it's ideal if they aren't very visible at all. The reason for this is that most people can pick up on ads right away, as if they have sonars that can detect such things in a hurry. Of course, many designers might not be able to get away with leaving apps out of the equation, which is understandable. If it can be done, though, an absence of ads is better for the general user experience.

Another thing to know about ads in apps is that they should be, to some degree, relevant to those using the programs. For instance, someone might be using an app in order to purchase groceries. Wouldn't it make sense, then, to have an ad show up to tell shoppers about deals on produce? After all, such an ad should be relevant in this scenario. This is just one of the many examples that a mobile app developer can account for.

Finally, make sure that your ads do not interfere with the overall experience. One of the reasons why companies like Lounge Lizard have been so successful is that they know that ads that cut off someone's experience tend to be looked at without much favor. As a matter of fact, one said ad goes away, they tend to not like the program as much as they did before. If you'd like to include ads, include them before the app loads or just before the user closes it.

These are just a few things to know about ad implementation in mobile apps. It's easy to see why businesses would like to advertise on these programs, given how many people have downloaded and used them. However, the ads themselves have to be carefully crafted and placed, as you have learned. If this is done, you can rest easy knowing that your apps will be able to continually function at high levels.

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