4 Web Design Myths Debunked By Lounge Lizard

By Arthur Williams

If you think you know everything about web design, there might be some details you're unclear about. This is especially true when you consider that certain talking points are often cited as factual when, in actuality, they couldn't be further from the truth. This is where discussion about web design myths can come into play. With the help of the experts from Lounge Lizard, here are 4 of the notable myths, debunked.

"All a website needs, to function, is to look promising." While a website will be judged based on its appearance, it's far from the only component. Companies such as Lounge Lizard will be able to agree, given the amount of work that they put into various projects. After all, cosmetic appeal is just one of the many layers that any web or mobile app developer can focus on. If you think that appearances are all that matter, you'd be wrong.

"The more features there are, the better a website will be." In this day and age, most people are focused on simplicity. This is especially true in web design, which means that not all features would be wise to implement. Widgets can be good if they provide substantial information to developers or perks to visitors. Otherwise, it would be best to keep these by the wayside, especially if they bog down the overall user experience.

"Every website should have multiple pages." While this might have been the case a number of years ago, numerous pages do not exactly do websites many favors. For example, one of the most common layouts used is the scrolling site. What this layout allows is a distribution of information to the visitor, as they scroll down without having to click on different tabs. To say that this results in a smoother user experience would be an understatement.

"When a website goes live, no further work is required." After a website goes live, you might assume that it'll do all of the work for you. This couldn't be further from the truth, especially when considering the importance of marketing. More than anything else, this is what's going to bring people to your site, regardless of what is being sold or otherwise provided. No matter how functional a site is, you should know that it can't do everything on its own.

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