Before You Search For Pest Control Jensen Beach

By Carol Ellis

Human activity is always going on everyday, in fact people always act or do something unless they are already dead of course. Nowhere in the world does human activity occur most than in the house or in the office. These two places are of course the prime candidates for most activity, and of course candidates for pests also. Should you be living in Jensen Beach, FL right now there are some preventive measures that you can take before you make that ultimate call for a pest control Jensen Beach expert. Do read on for the checklist to help you out.

The checklist that you will have for preventive pest control will contain a few items that you will need to do regularly. These items or rather actions that you need to do on a regular basis, but the good news is that they are fairly easy to do. It will just take a lot of commitment and discipline to do them though.

Be active in getting rid of clutter. Clutter is the beginning of a place for rodents and pests to thrive in. These pests love cluttered areas to breed and play in. Most likely the places with the most clutter in your home or office will be areas that are least visited, like storage areas or utility closets for example.

A good control item or action to do will be to change your eating behavior. That is you should only eat at places where it is designated to eat. One should not eat in other areas like the bedroom, den, or some other place where you are not supposed to eat. Restrict all eating activities in the kitchen as this will prevent food particles and crumbs from being scattered widely which attracts pests.

Do take out the garbage and trash all the time at the same time or earlier. It is a chore that sadly many people abhor but it needs to be done. This is especially true of trash and garbage that have food in it or food scraps for that matter. These are prime targets for pests such as cockroaches and rats.

If you do see some pests you can try your hand at getting rid of them yourself. In the case of rats it is best that you do not use any poisons or tracking powders. For although effective, poisons will make rodents die in places you would not even think of and their rotting carcasses can stink up your place for days on end. It is best to find an alternate way to get rid of rodents.

Alternative ways to get rid of rats lie in the way of using snap traps and newly developed electrical traps. A good way and clean way to get rid of rodents of many different sizes are glue traps and glue boards that are easily bought in any hardware store. Remember however, that these methods are only good for small rat populations, but if they get to be colony size and such then it will be time to call an expert exterminator in to do the job.

Should you call an exterminator, try to schedule it on a weekend for it may come to pass that you will need to vacate the premises for one or two days. This is to give the area time to air out for noxious substances that are not only fatal to pests, but for humans as well. Make sure you give the place you are hiring the exterminator for has time to air out poisons and chemicals.

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