The Duties Of A Criminal Defense Attorney In Bucks County

By Edward Murphy

Legal representation is necessary even to business entities and individuals who have been charged with criminal conduct. Law practitioners whose specialty is in representing such individuals and organizations are called criminal defense lawyers. Those who are employed by the government are called public defenders. The practitioners are assigned by judges to individuals who cannot afford to pay for legal counsel. Any criminal defense attorney in Bucks County has all the qualifications necessary for offering quality services.

The way law is practiced in the US differs from the way it is done in other countries. In other countries, suspects are treated as guilty and only become innocent when they prove it or the government fails to prove its case. On the contrary, in the US, suspects are innocent unless the prosecution proves them guilty. This difference has often been cited as an indication of the love America has for freedom.

These lawyers do a lot of work for their clients. For instance, they are required to research facts in a case to determine how the law applies to the specific case in question. They also prepare and argue cases in court on behalf of clients. They are more specialized in criminal law as opposed to civil law, which places them in a good position to win cases. People hire these lawyers when they are sued or when they can see a lawsuit coming their way in the near future.

Lawyers in this field of the law work for 40 hours or more in a week. Working hours are highly irregular because they are called to work during weekends and they may need to stay longer to deal with clients sometimes. They also travel a lot to and from homes, offices, courtrooms, law libraries, hospitals, and prisons among other locations to see clients or do other things.

The job requires one to conduct a lot of research during a case. In fact, when not involved in a trial, the only other duties that attorneys have are researching and preparing for cases. Strong arguments require examination of laws and statutes, evidence, and previous judicial rulings, which any attorney must do to win. Strategy is very important in this profession.

Companies and government agencies employ lawyers who are just out of law school. However, some lawyers decide to go into self-employment to serve the public. The represent clients and offer consultancy services. Because there is a lot of work involved, certain skills and abilities are important for the job. Communication and personal relationship skills must be good. Additionally, research and maintenance of focus for long are important.

The job involves conducting legal searches and interviewing witnesses in a case. The profession must also examine crime scenes if there are any. As a way of creating a defense strategy, they gather expert witnesses to testify in court. The interests of the client must always come first no matter the lawyer believes or knows about their client and those who cannot do that are usually asked to give up the case.

The amount earned by an attorney per year depends on many factors. One of those factors is experience. Those with more experience earn more. On average, annual salary is 78000 USD, but the salary bracket is 4500 to130000 USD.

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