Global War On Terror Memorial

By Harold West

Terror memorials show the intention to honor and remember those fellow countrymen who have lost their lives in scenes of blasts. For us to emerge victorious in the Global War on Terror Memorial, governments should come together on the same endeavor. It is because a lot of people have died in the hands of evil men and women performing the attacks.

Out of the ashes of grisly sites of bombings comes efforts by sovereign nations to adopt action plans to end the continuous threats on national securities. This will mean that establishment of memorials of blast victims will be reduced significantly. As if this is not all, the resources that would have been used in conducting counter-terrorism research will be channeled to other areas of national interest.

A major cause of increased retaliations by radical Islamist is the continuous use of drone attacks by the United States on Islamic soil in the Middle East. This effort to use drones to desecrate and destroy the realm of Al-Qaeda has given their leaders a reason to embark on new recruitment processes so as to gather enough manpower to perform terror attacks. This unending expanse to these groups can be stopped simply by stopping drone killings.

Most governments arrest alleged perpetrators and subject them to brutality. Jihadists see this to be utter hypocrisy in the delivery of justice. These acts of holding people without any charges or trials show that governments do not follow the same laws they uphold. Therefore, to reduce the effect of these attacks on the global population, government should order their (suspected terrorists) release.

There have been several indiscriminate airstrikes in the Middle East. These attacks claim a lot of innocent lives. Civilians and those affected then try seeking compensation which in most cases is inadequate. This makes Islam radicals to view this as disregard to the right of life by the US. Apologizing to the victims of these attacks and compensating them fully will reduce the urge of vengeance from the affected.

Governments have deployed military personnel and war contractors in areas that are considered to be the hide-outs of the Al-Qaeda groups. This act has made the Islamic radicals to penetrate national borders where they usually leave scars to innocent civilians. To put an immediate halt to these cases, states ought to order the removal of their military troops out of these areas.

Supporting dictatorship and repressive militaries by the developed countries has been a tool for terrorist leaders to strengthen their troops. For instance, the signing of arms deal with the monarch of Saudi Arabia whose government sent tank rockets into the neighboring Bahrain to suppress a democratic uprising there. This move to hinder peaceful protester has received a very negative response by the terror groups who resolve to vengeful missions.

Programs to create terror memorials will continue to be heard of if there will be continued disregard of the international rule of law by key nations. This is because most nations carry out the assassinations of those believed to be terrorists. Government should end these prejudicial killings and use the law to bring them to justice. By doing this, the path to less memorials will be clear without challenges.

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