Guidelines On Economic Damages Expert Testimony

By Carolyn Morris

There are various incidents handled by insurance companies such as flight crash, car accidents, flooding, and fire. The insurer has the responsibility of ensuring the claim is clear to the insurance agent. It is good to note that the litigation process is complicated. Therefore, recruiting an economic expert at an early stage is recommendable. This will save the insurer from the hassles of looking for a professional once things go haywire. The economic damages expert testimony is important in carrying out mediation process, out of court settlement, and negotiation process.

There are host of tips and guidelines that can be followed diligently, and lead to hiring a proficient professional. Depending on financial capability, hiring a group may be cost-efficient than an individual. However, it is vital to ensure the group does not rely on its identifiable experts. It must be willing to handle the case to the end. Research is a vital skill that the group must possess at the fingertips. Once the investigation is completed, well-articulated report presented.

The litigation cases are diverse; hence, the claimant must have clear knowledge of his or her case. This will influence the type of experts handled. They include economic, forensic, and litigation professionals. There is need to confirm the academic qualifications. This can be done through requesting for copies of their degree certificate. Once presence of a seal on the certificate is confirmed, seeking assistance of institution responsible for issuing the certificate can dispel all doubts. The professional must have other training apart from his or her area of specialization.

The best method of ensuring you have top talent is performing due diligence on discrete nominees. The trick is to compile a list of potential candidates by seeking recommendations from relatives, friends, and relatives. The experienced expert working for insurance companies can be a source of exemplary referrals. Google searching the economic professionals available within your locality is a good move. However, there is need to cross-reference with other websites available in the Internet.

There are various means of narrowing the list, but the most effective is conducting face-to-face interviews. The maximum number of candidates that can be handled per session without struggling is three. The expert introduced to an ongoing team must have an ability to mix freely. Mastery of language and eloquence are some factors that assist the specialist to establish connection with colleagues and client.

Prior history and strong record of testifying on behalf of clients is a compulsory consideration. Experienced experts always have clear strategies and tactics of handling challenges likely to be encountered. Understanding the litigation process and case planning process is recommendable.

Understanding the court demeanor and objectivity is vital. The specialist must understand the defense terms and court proceeding. The specialist should be diverse, and testify for both the complainant and defendant. A relevant board must certify the professional. This serves as a proof of knowledge of all the litigation principles.

The specialist must portray dedication to the case. Strong record such as honors, positive reviews, and recognition is an added advantage. However, at least two negative reviews can be accommodated. Some specialist displays their rating on their personal website.

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