How Fire Is Investigated By An Arson Expert Witness

By Raymond Clark

In mythology man was given the gift of flames from Prometheus. Since ancient times man has been fascinated with this element because of its power and spiritual significance. It gave man the ability to create new weapons and improve their livelihood, but along with the capacity for destroying enemies and fiends for protection. With the advancing of technology and as man progressively used flames to destroy, however some individuals whose passion for seeing bright red hues and melting flesh have brought great concern for the public and the government. Now many experts who work with government agencies to prevent such sociopath from causing havoc. And most government bodies have passed on stricter laws in the buying and selling of deadly arms in the market. Because even an average Joe can suddenly turn into an arsonist over night. Anyone who can pay a few hundred dollars, and a strong intent to murder can possibly accomplish the nefarious deed. Many victims of arson do not settle in keeping quiet but must approach the right governing body to help them justify the wrongs that have been done to them.

Pyromania is a human obsession to set things on fire. However there are cases that the perpetrator has other motives apart from the desire to burn things. The truth behind their motivations are often unveiled by an arson expert witness during trial.

Victims of incendiarism can file criminal charges against the prime suspect. However their claims have to undergo a review to determine the legitimacy of their claim. Once things are settled investigation follows.

However most complainants must seek a certified inspector that specializes in this field to review their case. And to check the claims are legitimate before further investigation follows. Once a strong solid evidence is found to convict the suspect of the crime.

Another important duty of a certified fire and explosion investigator is testifying in court, considered to have full knowledge about the role and motive of torching in a crime scene. And gives an informed opinion about his findings. Most of these inspectors are under oath, however their position is merely neutral and do not push evidence against the suspect.

Investigators study the pattern and behavior of flames to reconstruct how it developed. Many revelations happen while probing continues. But in some instances that old cases are opened, and a fire analysis is conducted.

Cross examination of previous documents and reports with current findings. However if an one recently happened then visiting the crime scene is required before a written report is released. Suspected arsonists are often questioned in court through the presented evidences.

They can easily define how flames move through a property, or cause combustion on a human being. Criminals often have a premeditated intent to endanger property and living things for various reason. Some use the dangerous element to clean evidences by turning them into ashes.

And clients should question the methods and procedures that the inspector conducts. Adding to that is the importance of having a good working relationship with local fire services, law enforcement agencies, and other related professionals within the field. A fire inspector should provide clients with a sample report. For large multinational companies it is important to hire an origin and cause expert before any burning incidents happen.

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