Long Island Advertising: The Do's And Don'ts Of Reddit Video

By Arthur Williams

It was recently announced, in their 2010 Year in Review report, that Reddit videos receive 1.4 billion views per month. To say that this is a tremendous statistic would be an understatement, as it indicates a shift toward this type of content on the aforementioned social channel. If you're a business owner, you may be looking to invest in this type of content as well. To go about this, in the right way, here are some Long Island advertising do's and don'ts to consider.

If you're planning on developing video content, specifically to be used on Reddit, shorter lengths work better. This is true for virtually any social media platform, as videos only a few minutes in length each perform better. They require less commitment on the part of the user, which reputable agencies like fishbat will tell you, but value won't be lost. Your content will perform, catching the attention of daily Redditors and potential consumers alike.

Another rule to follow, when developing video content for Reddit, is to stay on topic. If you're the owner of a restaurant, for example, chances are that you'll want to focus on those that live in certain areas. Furthermore, you'll have to cater to specific tastes. This information should be prevalent in your content. Keep it focused, ensure that it's being directed to the right audiences, and your content will perform at a higher level.

When it comes to the "don'ts" of Reddit video, blatant advertising is one of the most noteworthy. Reddit users, across the board, are similar in the sense that they know when they're being outwardly promoted to. If this happens, they're less likely to consume what's being presented to them. Ergo, you will lose out on traffic. You have to be creative with your video content, showing what your business entails without going too far in regard to promotional tactics.

Another mistake that can be made, in regard to Reddit video content, is a lack of genuineness. Simply put, anything that you put online will be reflective of your brand, which is why you should be as upfront as possible. Let Redditors know what your company is all about. Be as transparent as you can be. The individuals that are active on this site appreciate when businesses are genuine, such as with the content they provide.

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