Advantages Of Using Grounding Rod

By Roger Edwards

In the storm seasons, there will be a lot of rain and also the thunders and lightning storms. Because of this, there is a need that the houses are protected from the strikes. This will be through the grounding kits. The rods are installed on the roof and take in the power and drive it deep not the ground. This protects the house from the impact. Read more to know more about the grounding rod.

When there is a storm, lightning is a high possibility. With this being the case, then you should know that a tall building is under threat. With no rod, the house can get electrocuted with anyone who is within range. This may cause serious injuries or even deaths. This means that for all the tall buildings need the grounding and lightning rods.

You may also be wondering what a lightning rod is. Well, a lightning rod is a metal rod, one that conducts electricity that is mounted on any structure including the bridges. These rods come in different shapes. Some will be sharp whereas others will be very blunt. The purpose will be to catch the electrical charge and then conduct it to the ground in the safest way possible.

With this fact, then you need to know how it actually works, well, in the first place, there is the metal rod, the wire and the grounding bar absorber. When the rod is struck, the power is conducted through the wire down to the grounding bar that absorbs the electricity. The earth drives the power into the ground causing no damages.

Always make sure that you conduct a follow-up. What is a flow up in case of a lightning strike? Well, if you have a rod installed, there is always the option of doing an after the survey of the impact. The strike can damage the building in several ways. In this case, if you suspect that there has been a strike. Make sure that you make a point and access the damage.

There are also buildings that are very sophisticated and any given strike can cause immense damage to the structures. Well, in such case, you will find that there will be several rods on the roof. They will be placed all over the roof. Also, they will use connectors to connect them to one single conductor. In the case of a strike, then the power will be taken up by the bar and driven into the ground in the fastest way possible.

You will also realise that the usage of these rods started in the early 18th century. This was through a man called Franklin. He started by discovering electricity. Later on, he used the rods to arrest the power and use it to power his working equipments. Well, this has now become common with almost all houses having this rod on the roof.

Finally, the use of these rods has become common. In fact, you will find that almost all the houses have this rod on the roof. Most people will use it even for one storey buildings. Maybe as a decorative rod but not a lightning rod. With it, people can now stay calmer in their houses even where there is a storm in progress. Be smart and protect your family with this rod.

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