The Most Influential Platform For Christian Voices

By Joseph Ross

Christians has a sacred calling to impact their societies positively. This happens by spreading influence in decisions and actions taken. You are required to find a platform for Christian voices where your opinion will have an influence. Consider the platforms listed and choose one that will work best for your situation.

Books have an incredible impact on the lives of readers. They inspire their lifestyles and thoughts in a lasting manner. By writing a book on principles taught in Christianity, people will read and have their lives transformed. There are numerous writing options including fiction, reflections, journals, memoirs and such other book categories.

Professional groups provide an opportunity for members to air their voices and be heard. These groups will a lot of influence in governance and shaping social opinions. The public is also very keen to hear what professional groups have to say about particular social issues. Once you participate and contribute in discussions at professional level, principles of Christianity should be your guiding factor. The associations have local and national or even international chapters that you can use to exert influence.

It is impossible to ignore the power of art in changing the world. Its manner of communicating is subtle yet very influential. Art is also diverse to allow different people to use their talents and communicate different messages. You can use such platforms as music, sculptures, drawing, photography and video, among others. Display your work in galleries, public spaces and social media or any other platform where you can reach a lot of people.

Be part of discussion groups at local, regional or national level. Focus groups are formed when there is an issue that needs to be addressed. They bring together experts in the field with the aim of capturing their mind and shaping the opinion of the society going forward. Focus groups will provide direction and help the community to make a decision at a crucial point in the life of that community. Once your expertise is invoked, you lace it with principles of Christianity.

Blogging is now a wide spread way of asserting influence and communicating professional views. It is one way of building a profile for self without spending too much. Blog pages are free and range from websites to social media. You may even blog as a guest on public platforms. Blogging also gives you a chance to get feedback and in the process sharpen your insight.

There are publications that are open to receiving the voices of Christians as contributors. Nationally circulating publications will not hesitate to take an expertly crafted piece. You should also consider publications run by religious organizations where you can lend your expertise. Professional bodies also feature different persons and opinions in their internal or external publications. Since a lot of people want to offer their opinions on publications, you must have a captivating and unique one to be considered.

Christians have a very influential part to play in shaping the opinion and direction of the world. Each opportunity must be maximized to have the greatest impact. If Christians stay silent, the world will perish and the blame will be on them.

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