How To Use Unhackable Password Generator

By Marie Green

Before opening a number of accounts, you will need keywords to keep them safe. Since it is possible to open a number of them, remembering code words can be troublesome. This may force you to use a given keyword to open all the accounts which are very dangerous as you will be exposed to hacking. You, therefore, need to make use of unhackable password generator so that all your accounts are secure.

Generate long passwords with a minimum of eight characters. Most of the experts believe that they ought to be approximately eight characters. In addition, most of the websites have this requirement. The main reason is that such a number is easy to remember and is quite difficult to crack. Any other character beyond this number makes it difficult for hackers. Go with a number that you will be able to remember.

Do not use dictionary words. Using words from the dictionary is poor practice since they are very easy to crack. As you may think that it is clever, it may allow another person to access your information easily. This is true more so if you select a word related to personal lifestyle or business. In addition, avoid using family names. Names of spouses, pets and kids ought to be avoided.

Make use of special characters to replace words. This is a very good trick that many individuals consider using. This is because it makes it possible to memorize the name or word. You need to simply type the name and take a look at your keyboard and switch words and numbers thereby creating a secure personal identification number.

You can use pass-phrases as it is easy to remember and cannot be easily cracked as compared to a single word. They can be titles to books, favorite sayings or any other thing that has more than one word. Once you replace letters and numbers, the phrases become impossible to hack. Ensure that you will easily remember the phrase that you come up with. In addition to using phrases, use favorite sayings or quotes from the bible or famous people you know.

Another option for pin identification number generation is by adding numbers and removing the vowels. This allows you to form a word that is memorable. For instance, there are many topics that you love and factoids easily memorable. Since there is truth behind the topics, another person cannot be able to crack it.

You can also reverse the names of websites as a way of coming up with keywords. This is a good option as it makes it easy for you to memorize the personal identification number needed for that given account. After you add a number of characters on it, cracking will be close to impossible. You, therefore, can easily generate personal identification numbers for all sites you always use.

Use numbers to finish words. There are various numbers that sound like words, for example, the world number eight and two can be used in substituting words. Although it limits you on the words that you can formulate, it does not limit your imagination. The more creative you get, the harder it will be for the keyword to be cracked.

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