Long Island Advertising Agencies: The 4 Varieties Of Vlogs To Know

By Rob Sutter

As digital media continues to advance, blogging has taken on a different form known as vlogging. Vlogs, or video blogs, are produced by users to give viewers and customers a different way to consume information. While this form of media is difficult to deny, it's important to note that it's diverse in the forms it takes on. Here are the 4 variety of vlogs that Long Island advertising agencies can tell you about.

Lifestyle - A lifestyle vlog, for those that don't know, takes the viewer into the life of the vlogger behind the camera. While many of these videos tend to be sit-down discussions, usually in one's bedroom or office, others take viewers on trips. These can range from simple grocery store trips to full-on vacations. Whatever the case may be, this is one of the many varieties that companies along the lines of fishbat can tell you about.

Unboxing - This category of vlog is unique in the sense that it appeals to hobbyists. Such hobbies as video games and action figure collecting have become popular in due part to unboxing vlogs. Not only do they show off items that people might have wanted to purchase, but the fact that such items are being presented in video format offers a sense of reliability that would have been lost otherwise. These are just a few reasons this category is worth recognizing as well.

Beauty - It's easy to obsess over the way we look, even to the point where we seek help. Beauty vlogs are designed to provide people with the cosmetic insight they've been looking for. Topics that fall under this umbrella include, but aren't limited to, hair care, makeup, and moisturizing. Your mileage may vary depending on your level of interest in cosmetics, but the fact that this category gains considerable traction speaks for itself.

Gaming - Whether you're on YouTube, Twitch, or social media in general, you're likely to come across a gaming vlog or two. In fact, many of them take on live streaming formats, which is great for those that desire content in real time. Keep in mind that you must have the right video and audio recording software before you even think about creating a gaming vlog. You must also be able to play certain games competently. If you follow these steps, you'll be good to go.

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