Microbiology LIMS: Bacteria Water Testing

By Patricia Reynolds

H2O is everything, it is in your body, the Earth you walk on and the food you eat. Your entire being depends on it, so you must be careful when you take it in. You can t just drink from anywhere all the time, you must check it. Microbiology LIMS bacteria water testing is very important if you want to keep healthy. But doing this has just become convenient, these days you can get a kit to help you from home.

There are many illnesses you could pick up from drinking contaminated H2O. These are the following, Salmonella, Cholera, Dysentery, E. Coli, Typhoid Fever and many more. A person can get these waterborne diseases not just through drinking it. Eating food that has been prepared with the contaminated liquid is also another way. You have to be vigilant and very cautious of the H20 you drink.

The H2O fresh from the ground is not the problem here, the real issue comes in through the surface. E. Coli also called Escherichia coli is present in sewage and animal waste, found in intestines of human being and animals. Not something that should be taken lightly, it may not affect you right away. However, in time this can turn into a very ugly disease.

You might be in a bind trying to figure out if you should drink your H2O or not. Even the slightest suspicion should be taken seriously. When in doubt you should take a sample and send it to a state certified laboratory. It needs to be analyzed so that you can get the go-ahead if something is not wrong. However, you should take any suspicion seriously.

It could happen that you don t have the time to wait for the lab results. They can be a while, so rather get a home kit that can help you much sooner. The best one so far is called Bacteria EZ Cult 24 hour presence/ Absence of total coliforms. This object can help you decide on what you do, and it can save your life. The watercolor will transform if there is a problem, and that tells you that you must find another source of clean H2O.

The kit works with a UV light, that you would have to purchase separately. The color change is see under the presence of this light, so you can not buy the one without the other. Both the the kit and the light are affordable, the prices range between $14 to $19 for the kit and the UV $8. The pricing might also be affected by where you choose to buy them.

Those with private wells need to check for coliforms regularly. Specifically after it rains or whenever your private source of H2O is flooded. Your best bet is to drink bottled up H2O until you have checked and disinfected your stream. You don t want to wait too long to fo this because they can grow. You must also find the source as quickly as possible, so that you can deal with it.

You need H2O to survive or to continue living. If you notice that something is off with the one you drink, you must act immediately. Get it checked, purchase a kit and you will know for sure. In the meantime look out for symptoms that your body is not well, head to a doctor if necessary.

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