Make Sure You Get Well Trusted Business Telephone Systems

By Elaine Guthrie

Any business whether just starting out or already well established needs some way to communicate. Without this the business will not take off and will fail before it has even had a chance to begin. Getting good business telephone systems in Vancouver, BC is very important as it will take the business to greater heights.

Communication comes from the Latin word to share and is an activity that gets across a meaning with the help of signs and language. This normally takes place through hearing, seeing as well as biochemical means. Non verbal communication is achieved by body language, face expressions, eye contact as well as gestures, all of which cannot be done without being face to face with the other person.

Some systems will need to have additional wiring added so as to carry the load and if so how much will they set the company back. Will the specific one that one is interested in have a battery backup and are all the phone jacks the correct size. Will this system be able to be upgraded in the future and how much will that cost, will the voice mail also be able to be upgraded if need be and is there a power fail auxiliary telephone. These are all very important questions that will need to be answered.

The Hybrid comes in three different systems. The KX-TDE100 is able to function with both the local and broadband networks and is designed for the larger firm that employs about three hundred. It has an advanced communication platform and had a standard digital and analogue extension.

The basic features have a conference facility as well as being able to record the last two hundred calls. There is ample space to save up to five hundred names and is an analogue, DECT and IP configuration phone. The advanced features have a caller ID as well as call waiting, on hold and speed dialling. The auto attendant has five interactive voice responses and when it comes to conferences they offer password protected bridges for up to thirty two participants.

The KX-TDE200 is perfect for fifty to one hundred and fifty users and has about two hundred and fifty six extensions and one hundred and twenty eight CO lines. It can be used with ISDN as well as Digital and analogue for greatest flexibility. They are also able to be upgraded to the KX-TDE OneNet with no problem by just replacing the main processor card.

Toshiba is another that can offer digital telephone systems that will change with the business. The DP5130-FSDL is just right for the small up and coming company as it has two incoming lines with a duplex speakerphone. It has an easy to read screen as well as programmable buttons. The DP5132-SD has a LCD backlight and is capable of twenty different programs. This is one of the newer offerings and has a red and green light to indicate waiting calls. It has a speakerphone and can be mounted on the wall or tilted on a desk. It also has a feature of a four soft key menu prompt.

There are many systems out there that will work but a survey taken listed the following as the best. The most popular is the Cisco as it provides all the features needed as well as the basic and advanced paging system. Next is the ESI then Nextiva, Toshiba and the fifth most popular is the ShoreTel Sky.

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